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Beyond the Obituary

Apr 2, 2019

On this podcast from Renaissance Funeral Home in Raleigh North Carolina, we go beyond the obituary to get a better sense of who those people were who have passed on. What were some of the stories that define them?  We’ll hear from the people who loved them because they are so much more than a one-page obituary. On today's episode, Leah Loeffler was just 17 when she passed away from a car accident. To die so young is a tragedy, but Leah's parents Dan and Nancy Loeffler have transformed their tragedy into helping others with grief.

Nancy's book, The Alchemy of Grief: Your Journey to Wholeness, is available on Amazon or some Raleigh bookstores. Dan and Nancy's website is, and from there you'll find information on Sumyama, The Grief Recovery Method, and you can connect with them as well.


Leah Loeffler, 4/28/83 - 11/8/00

Leah Loeffler, 4/28/83 - 11/8/00

Dan, Nancy, and Peter Loeffler

Beyond the Obituary is hosted, edited, and produced by Jason Gillikin for Earfluence.